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Soppressata, end chunk

Hot soppressata seems to have made it onto the menus of some serious pizza-makers in the last couple of years. [Photograph: Adam Kuban]

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Pizza Blogger's homemade pizza attempts, "from meh to good." [Photographs: Pizza Blogger]

  • Awesome, Awesome Domino's Review: The Awl's Mary HK Choi and David Cho with hilarious dialogue-form rundown of new Domino's recipe. [The Awl]
  • No Good Without Bad: Pizzablogger reveals his pizza failures (pictured, above) so that we all may learn from them. Your bravery is noted, sir. [Pizzablogger]
  • Deep Six: Uno Chicago Grill chain files for bankruptcy. [Bloomberg]
  • Portland OR: Two different takes on Lovely's Fifty-Fifty, a new WFO pizzeria and ice cream parlor. [This Is Pizza and PortlandFood.org]
  • Brooklyn: Brooks Jones hits up Roberta's in Bushwick. [MM&P]
  • La Crosse WI: Kate's Pizza Amore; "well balanced, fresh, flavorful." [Landry]
  • Honolulu: Albert Grande and crew visit WFO-equipped V Lounge for pizza. The oven is fed with hot-burning kiawe wood from Molokai. [Pizza Therapy]
  • Happy Birthday! Nick Sherman's pizza blog turned 2 last week. Here's to many more, Nick. [Pizza Rules!]
  • Tel Aviv: Notes on Israeli pizza. [IDoP]
  • 36 Pizzas: Mike Senese posts a photo gallery that represents four years of his pizzamaking life. [DO IT]
  • I Have No Idea What This Means: "Why the Samurai Pizza Cats Are Not in Tatsunoko Vs. Capcom." [Kombo]
  • Oh, Jets [sigh]: Rex Ryan's lucky pizza stain wasn't so lucky, I guess. [NYDN]

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