Aww, cute. CNN has the story of nine-year-old Johnny Di Palma, who makes pizza at his dad's pizzeria, Antico Pizza Napoletana in Atlanta. After opening only four months ago, Antico Pizza has been getting a lot of buzz in the city. The video, after the jump.

9-Year-Old Pizzaiolo at Antico Pizzeria, Atlanta

From CNN:

In the large open kitchen, where patrons crowd to eat over large metal worktables, Johnny is at home. He does his schoolwork -- math is his favorite subject -- in the restaurant office. But otherwise he's working the crowd in his signature newsboy-style hat, tossing and stretching dough (a skill he began developing at age 4) and making grown women swoon.

[via James Boo and Eyvette Min]

Antico Pizza Napoletana

1093 Hemphill Avenue, Atlanta GA 30318 (near Ethel Street; map)
404-724-2333; anticopizza.it


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