"It's like French kissing a forest nymph!"


[Photograph: Leslie Kelly]

Leslie Kelly (former critic for the Seattle Post-Intelligencer and columnist on Serious Eats) just emailed me. Subject line: Ever had nettles on pizza?

That's the thang this "spring" in Seattle... at Serious Pie and Delancey. At Serious Pie (picture) they were creamed and served with black trumpet mushrooms... YUM!! Might be of interesting to ask Slice readers: What's the most exotic ingredient you've had on a pizza?


Nice! Thanks, Leslie. I haven't had nettles on a pizza yet. I should have gotten them last time I was in SF. Gialina there does them, and from what I understand, people in the Bay Area go NUTS for them every year. How are they on pizza? What's the flavor on a pizza like?

Hasta la pizza,


Surprisingly delicate. Like the most tender baby spinach, but with the slightest hint of citrus. It's like French kissing a forest nymph!!

They're gathered in Seattle by a very cool outfit called Foraged and Found.... I bought a bag at the farmers market for $3! Haven't cooked them yet.


So, folks, what is the most exotic ingredient you've had on a pizza?


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