[Photograph: http://beaarthurmountainspizza.tumblr.com/]

I was a huge photography nerd in high school. (At some point during my senior year, my day comprised at least three hours of photo-related time — Photojournalism I or II [for the newspaper and yearbook], Advanced Photo II, and Directed Study/Photo Lab Assistant.) Learning about composition, exposure, and all the technical aspects were crucial, sure, but perhaps the most important lesson my teacher, Mr. Evans, taught me came when he gave our Beginning Photo class thematic assignments.

In assigning the week's theme ("Contrast," "Things Out of Place," "Happiness," for instance), I'll never forget this bit of wisdom he often doled out:

Think of 20 different ways to express this theme. Then throw those ideas out — because somebody else in this room is sure to have thought of it.

This is all to say that, Bea Arthur Mountains Pizza, you are no Selleck Waterfall Sandwich.

I may be wrong, but the '80s star–geographic feature–foodstuff meme seems to begin and end with the bizarre juxtaposition of the original. Even if this copycat does include pizza. [via Deborah S.]


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