[Photograph: Scott's Pizza Tours]

Another jobs-related post. And this one is really awesome. Scott Wiener of Scott's Pizza Tours is looking to hire additional pizza tour guides. This sounds REALLY FUN. Not only do you get to share your love of pizza and NYC with people eager to listen to you blab, I'd imagine you get to eat pizza at the various stops, too. Here's Scott's ad from Craigslist:

New York Pizza Tours, Inc. is now hiring licensed guides to conduct tours of New York's vast pizza landscape. Share your love of pizza and NYC with locals and visitors from around the globe!


We're not looking for somebody to read a script. While we will train you in the style and flow of our tours, we would rather you have your own angle on the subject matter. Knowledge of pizzerias is a definite plus.

New York Pizza Tours, Inc currently conducts one of the Top 10 Tours in the US according to TripAdvisor.com. Please visit www.scottspizzatours.com to learn more.

To apply, please email a short cover letter and resume (both pasted in body of email, NOT attached!) and change the SUBJECT line to the name and location of your favorite pizzeria (ex., Pizza 2000 - Newark, NJ).

Reply to: job-hhbcg-1572230009@craigslist.org

Surely at least a couple of you pizza obsessives out there would qualify.


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