The "Cows go left, cars go right" sign [Photographs: APizzaGirl]

One of the reasons that I like delivering pizza is that I get to explore my area more thoroughly than most people ever have reason to do. I know the little shortcuts into each neighborhood; I know which roads will flood; and best of all, I get to take in all the little things that a lot of people miss when they drive to and from work.

The scenery was one of my favorite parts of delivering in small-town Texas, so I thought I'd share a few of my favorite scenes (most of these are taken on my phone from my car).

Suburban cornfield.JPG

The juxtaposition of manicured subdivision trees with corn fields.

Low Water Crossing.JPG

I have a particular fondness for low water crossings. This was one of my favorites.

Perfect Christmas Lights.JPG

Christmas is a great time to be a delivery driver; it's like a Christmas lights tour every night. To me, these lights are perfection.

Porch Art.JPG

You never know what you'll see on someone's porch. Sometimes people make art without realizing it.


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