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Dear Slice, Letters From Our ReadersHi, Adam,

I just saw your post "It's a Plate Shaped Like a Pizza Slice."... I just had to send over a picture of my favorite pizza plates! Note the text at the top of the plate—"Grab a slice of life" and "That's amore!" [pictured after the jump]. They even have a cute little matching plate for dipping sauces ("Just a Taste").

I live in San Diego but still love reading your blog (I grew up outside Philly, my sister lives in NY, and I LOVE pizza)! I can't wait to visit NY to go on the pizza tour! Do you guys ever do reviews on other cities? It would be great to find out where people think is the best San Diego pizza!

—Allison M.


Dear Allison,

Thanks for sharing these photos with us! I don't know which pizza plates I like more now. Are these plates contemporary or vintage? They have a sort of 1970s feel to them.

And you could use the small sauce plate to dip your crusts.

We actually do have reviews/intel from other cities. You can find them in the sidebar to the right — in the drop-down menu that says "Pizza by Location."

We don't have any intel on San Diego pizza at the moment, but I'm sure some folks reading this would love to fill us in. Right, folks?

Hasta la pizza,


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