[Photographs: Adam Kuban]

"The plate you pictured the pizza resting on? Amazing!!! A half plate just for food photography? So great. I totally approve of your plating. ;-)" tamibrat, on "Red Baron By the Slice Reality Check"

Not quite, tamibrat. It's actually a pizza-shaped plate by Atypyk:


I suppose you could use it for pie and cake slices, too, as the designers also mention, but c'mon, what weblog are you reading?!?

Friend of Slice Meg Hourihan bought it for me at the MoMA Design Store a couple years ago. I pull it out every now and then for photo shoots.

Unfortunately, the Design Store no longer stocks it, and Atypyk's product page for it seems to indicate that it is out of stock.

Another piece for my small but growing Slice Pizza Museum.

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