Nate Appleman on the Frenzy Surrounding Pulino's Opening

The Famous Exterior

[Photograph: Adam Kuban]

Metromix New York has a great interview with Nate Appleman about the hullabaloo surrounding the Pulino's opening. I don't want to snip too much of the Q&A session, so here are just these two Q's:

The hype surrounding Pulino's--pretty intense.
Honestly, it's ridiculous. The combination I guess of Keith and myself is kind of a unique thing. To be 100 percent honest, we're cooking pizza. Pizza is so common with the American man or woman that it can never be transcending. It's not like talking about sea urchins and trying that for the first time. That shit would change your life.

So this pretty much is your reality check: "People, get a grip--it's just pizza."
Yeah, pretty much. Luckily we're doing much more than pizza.

Oh, and I really liked how he describes the pizza he's going for here:

... it's a little mix of everything: a mix of Neapolitan, a mix of New Haven, and a mix of Midwest bar pizza. And honestly, it's like the pizza from my childhood. Whether it's the pizza place or a bowling alley and getting thin-crust pizza.

Probably because I've been nostalgic for pizza-of-childhoods recaptured recently. (See: "On Pizza Parlor Pizza")

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Pulino's Bar & Pizzeria

282 Bowery, New York NY 10012 (at Houston; map)

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