An interesting tweet from Lee Schrager, the man behind the NYC Wine & Food Festival:

Tweetzeria@Lee_Schrager: "what are your fav pizza places in NY? we are lining them up now for Pizza Party at #NYCWFF this October..wouldnt Rocco be a great host?"

Very intriguing. If you're familiar with the Wine & Food Festival (sort of a South by Southwest of food), this should bring to mind such hot-ticket NYCWFF events as the annual Rachael Ray Burger Bash (which also takes place at the South Beach Wine & Food Festival) and last year's Meatball Madness party. While there are hundreds of sessions to choose from during the WFF weekend in October (seminars, tastings, lectures), these mega-events that bring together various heavy-hitter chefs and restaurants from the area (and beyond) are the ones that sort of anchor the weekend. (Burger Bash and Meatball Madness served as bookends last in 2009.)

Given that A) Slice–Serious Eats has hosted two very well-received pizza seminars* as part of the Wine & Food Festival (The Pieman's Craft 2008 and 2009) and that B) pizza is among NYC's iconic foods (if not the most iconic), and that C) there's been an pizza explosion in the last several years, we're not surprised that Schrager and company would consider going all out with a pizza-themed anchor event this year.

Which brings me to this question for you, Slice'rs: What pizzerias would you advise Schrager to bring into the mix? Answer here, and we'll try to zap over the collective wisdom to the Big Cheese himself. [via @Lock]

* I seem to recall reading somewhere that someone described our Pieman's Craft event as sort of a sleeper hit, but now I can't find that reference online anywhere. Still, the feedback we received on our two events was overwhelmingly positive. Trust me!


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