[Photograph: pizzaacasa.com]

Pizza a Casa. Founded by Mark Bello in 2005. This dude's thing was that he would teach you how to make pizza at home. (Thus "pizza a casa," see?) For the last few years, Mr. Bello's been teaching workshops in various spaces throughout the city. Even in his own casa in Chinatown.

The news today is that Mr. Bello will be opening a retail location . Pizza a Casa will finally have a home away from Mark's home.

To open April 15 on Grand Street (next to Kossar's Bialy's and just a couple doors down from where Isabella's Oven used to be), the storefront will offer pizza-making tools in the front and host pizza-making classes in the back. More info and workshop sign-up at pizzaacasa.com.

371 Grand Street, New York NY 10002 (map)


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