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Pizza Girl: Scary Delivery Situations

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I am lucky enough to never have been involved in a robbery, but I'm acutely aware of the vulnerable position I put myself in every time I go to a stranger's house.

Not only am I guaranteed to have cash and food, but I have very little way of knowing if I'm getting into a bad situation beforehand (most robberies are setups), and even when I get there it's a tough trade-off between safety and time (when I'm out on four deliveries, every minute I spend doing something other than driving or transacting on the earlier deliveries makes that last delivery more and more likely to be late).

The easy answer is no (and with the last one it is the ONLY answer), nothing is worth giving up my safety, but at the same time I wouldn't have a job if I was afraid to go to strangers' houses.

Every time I run up against a situation I'm uncomfortable in, I ask myself, "What if they don't answer the phone? Is the situation bad enough to warrant calling my manager to refuse the delivery? Is it bad enough that he'll be OK with giving those people free pizza when they call back mad that the pizza never got there?"

I've only felt truly in danger three times:

I know that these stories are mild compared to many that are out there (besides searching the news I follow two other bloggers who have foiled robbery (or scam) attempts: Kevin over at Pizza Delivery Stories and one over at Memoirs of a Pizza Delivery Guy), but I know that my only chances of staying safe are to stay vigilant and to wonder how each delivery could be a setup and being prepared for that situation.

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