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[Photographs: Guil Barros]

Lazy Oaf Lounge

1617 N Stoughton Road, Madison WI 53704 (map); 608-441-0370;
Pizza style: American medium-rise
Oven type: Wood-fired
Notes: Mostly bar-like, there was a loud team trivia game going on while we were there which though amusing for those playing made it hard to hear the person sitting across the table from me.
Price: $15

Service was excellent, we had both waitresses working swing by our table and inquire about the food. The one not working our area was curious about our order, if we liked it, made suggestions for a future visit, etc. Service: ++

We ordered a Large (14-inch) Herbivore with mushrooms and blue cheese instead of feta. They have a regular white dough, wheat, and pesto; we chose the regular, as it was our first time here. (Don't expect VPN, that's not what you are here for :))

The pizza came promptly and hot; ingredients were fresh and tasty, the squash taste in particular popped and was excellent. The crust had just the right amount of chewiness for AMR (American Medium-Rise), but I found myself wishing it was cooked a little longer to add more molting. The cheese was a mix, plus blue, and worked quite well with the toppings. There was good topping-cheese-sauce-crust adhesion, and the flavors mixed well. The sauce did not stand out particularly, which is neither bad nor good but worked well.

Unfortunately there were huge points lost when they wrapped up my leftovers (just more than one-third of the pizza) and brought them to me in a styrofoam container, slices stacked. UGH. I'll make sure to email them pointing out how not-cool that is. :)

The pizza was tasty, the service was excellent, the ambiance was OK. The price was good ($15 for a non-plain). Overall we found it to be a good pizza experience and we will be back for sure. —Guil Barros

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