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It inevitably happens that, every once in a while, I'll have a shift that I just can't seem to get started. My energy drags, and as I slowly transfer my pizzas from the hot-rack to the bags, slowly stack the bags, and slowly drudge them to my car, I know that there is one thing that can make this better, that can get me pumped for delivering.

I don't do this every shift because it might lose its magical ability to pull me out of even the lowest slump, and I can't risk that. I pull out my phone (handily doubling as MP3 player), plug it in, turn up the volume, and flip through to the I's.

I lean back in my seat, close my eyes (before I start driving), and as the opening drums wash over me, knocking on the door of my brain asking if anyone's home, I'm home.

Open my eyes, back out of the parking space, and throw it into drive just as I get to start singing along at the top of my lungs, "IT'S CRIMINAL! THERE OUGHT TO BE A LAW..."

At my new store it takes exactly the first verse to get from the storefront to out on the street at full speed. I likely to hit full speed just as I'm singing, "IF YOU WANT BLOOD, YOU GOT IT!"

Yes, my get-pumped-for-delivering song is AC/DC's "If You Want Blood (You Got It)." Something about it makes me feel like a brave pizza girl venturing out into the cruel bloodthirsty world of customers who are just waiting for an excuse to stiff me. OK, maybe I've been reading Snow Crash by Neal Stephenson, where the pizza chain is owned by the mob and delivery drivers have 30 minutes to get a pizza there or they forfeit not only their jobs but potentially their lives (but that's a subject for another day).

Somehow toughening up by screaming that they can have my blood if they want it (and secretly imagining using samurai swords as robbery and scamming deterrents) gets me excited to deliver.

I took an informal poll of some of the other delivery drivers on Twitter and here were their answers to what they listen to get pumped for delivering:

  • @ChadTaylor: I usually deliver to Ani DiFranco and Depeche Mode, but I admit I'm weird. Oh, and I usually start each shift with "I Don't Like Mondays," but that probably sends the wrong message.
  • @deliverawaydebt: "Heaven's a Lie" by Lacuna Coil. I love the strings in it. ;)
  • @ajathefairy: I like "The One" by Mary J. Blige at the start of every shift.
  • @freakpirate: Song, no. Album, yes. Planes Mistaken For Stars, Up In Them Guts. Or Godspeed You! Black Emperor, F#A#∞
  • @JesseNobody: I normally go with the Ramones to get me going. "Commando," "Warthog," and the staples "Blitzkrieg Bop" and "I Wanna Be Sedated." Cheers!
  • @thisisbree: Hmm... I listen to a lot of Rilo Kiley and the Donnas on delivery. Anything by the Donnas, definitely.

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