Pizza Girl's Future Geek-Themed Pizzeria

Every week, Pizza Girl (Diary of a Pizza Girl) stops by with insights and a behind-the-scenes look into the world of pizza-delivery drivers. Take it away, PG! —The Mgmt.

Lately the future's been on my mind and particularly that pie-in-the-sky dream I've had of opening a pizzeria. I know that reality will be far from my vision, but right now, I'm having fun coming up with visions, so here's what I've got so far (licensing concerns aside):

I have a friend who wants to open up a comic shop. That's his dream. If he won the lottery, he'd spend it opening up the coziest comic shop that ever existed. It would be every geek's heaven. I want to put my pizzeria right next to it and I thought, just for kicks, I might go with a geek theme. I'm thinking that it would start with Pizza Girl, the pizza delivering superhero from Questionable Content, because she's my favorite superhero and therefore the guardian of the whole place. Maybe, just for kicks, I'd even dress up (or find someone to dress up) as her every once in a while.

The best part of this fantasy, and the part I'm really geeking out about, is coming up with my specialty pizzas.

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First, my plain pepperoni slice is the Pizza Girl slice. Obviously my "everything" pizza is Superman, afterall, he has just about every power possible. Two Face is a half meats, half vegi pizza; you get to decide which half is the evil half. Thing has as many boulders of sausage as I can possibly fit on a slice. For The Human Torch I'm thinking some sort of really really hot pepper, the kind I have to make you sign a waver for so that you can't hold me liable for the hole this is going to burn in your stomach. Maybe as an occasional specialty I can put some green food coloring in my dough (does that even work?) and make The Hulk. Mario would have lots of mushrooms. I'm thinking of some sort of desert "pizza" involving Pop Rocks for Starfire.

The possibilities are nearly endless and it's just a matter of time before I get a hold of a pizza oven and start testing out recipes, though right now I'll have to stick to scoping out the competition and dreaming.

Other awesome things I have yet to even start thinking about: how to make my delivery vehicles geektastic (Batmobile maybe?), having my menu in both standard and graphic novel format, and what the heck my Green Lantern pizza would be.

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