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5 Unique Bay Area Pizzas from 'SFoodie'


SFoodie's John Birdsall mentioned Slice's "United States of Pizza: Northern California" post earlier this week, saying, "...we like the fact that Kuban shared his obsession with us, even if they reveal an outsider's peccadillos." So I emailed Mr. Birdsall to ask if he'd mind sharing an insider's peccadillos. Yesterday, he and Jonathan Kauffman posted their thoughtful take on some unique pizzas in the area:

The West Coast pizza style is an impressionistic one rather than a template: a crackly, blistery crust, no matter whether the ovens are heated by wood or gas; tomato sauce optional; seasonal, local, artisanal toppings assembled to reflect the chefs' tastes.

John and Jon's list, after the jump.

I think I've got a new list to eat by next time I visit — and even the places I have been to here, well, John and Jon have pointed out pizzas that sound absolutely amazing. Thanks, guys!

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