20100108-foursquare-pizzaiolo-badge.pngHah. Remember when social-geolocation app Foursquare introduced the Pizzaiolo badge? (When you use the app on your mobile and "check in" to 20 pizzerias, you get the badge.) Well, Metromix New York checks in with Ben Breier, a dude who earned one:

Over the course of 20 check-ins, you've seen the good, bad and the ugly of NYC pizza. What are some of your favorites? Not-so-favorites?
My two favorite places to get pizza are Paulie Gee's in Greenpoint and Roberta's in Bushwick, but both for vastly different reasons. Paulie Gee's keeps it simple with the freshest possible ingredients. Roberta's has some truly unique pies; they introduced me to the concept of ramps on a pizza, which is absolute nirvana.

I think Artichoke is pretty overrated. I find the traditional artichoke slice to be too creamy and really heavy. It makes you feel like garbage for the rest of the day. If I'm in the East Village, I'm going to grab a slice from Viva Herbal, Bar Veloce or Two Boots before I go to Artichoke. The long line doesn't help either--I don't mind waiting for a great slice, but Artichoke seems to be a magnet for entitled jerks.

Of course, if you, dear Slice'r, were/are using Foursquare, I'm sure you would have/have earned the badge already. I don't even remember the pizzeria I earned mine in. LOL.


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