dhorst's Globe Basil Grilled-Fired Margherita Pizza

[Photographs: dhorst]

Official Pizza Obsessive® dhorst says:

I made this Margherita pie using my stone on the grill. I was going to go all MacGyver and try to rig the second stone on the shelf above to generate more heat from above, but common sense prevailed and I just stuck to one stone. (I included a photo of what I was trying to do with the second stone.) I used Foolish Poolish's "lazy formula" for the dough. I got the temperature up to 720°F on the grill. It stayed on for 4 minutes. I also used globe basil after it came out because it has tiny leaves—no tearing required.

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This "MacGyver" hack was quickly abandoned.


I shed my leaves so that you may flavor your pies.


The undercarriage.

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