Lou T's Margherita Pizza

Dear Slice, Letters From Our ReadersAdam,
Just a small suggestion for the Slice site....why not showcase readers' homemade pies on occasion?

Lou T

Dear Lou,

That is not a small suggestion. That is a HUGE, HONKIN' AWESOME suggestion.

Thank you!

And this pie, which looks like a pizza Margherita, looks like a great start for something we could tentatively call ... um ... "My Pie Monday."

Maybe you can tell us a little more about it, Lou?

Hasta la pizza,

So, Slice'rs ... you got a homemade pizza you're especially proud of? Send us the photo. Here's how ...

Email it to adam@sliceny.com.

Ideally your photo would be 600 pixels wide.

And, if you'd like, tell us a little about it. You don't have to go long. Just what's on it, what you use to cook it, a link to the recipe(s) you use, whatever you think is relevant, etc.


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