My Inner Fatty's Bacon, Sausage, and Red Pepper Pizza

[Photograph: Nicholas/My Inner Fatty]

Nicholas, who you may recognize from his Slice/SE handle, myinnerfatty, sent this one in earlier today, saying:

"The pizza itself is the brainchild of a college suite that had way too much bacon, sausage, and red peppers. (Backstory here: Nothing overly exotic, thick dough (inadvertently because we weren't aware of how much the dough would rise with baking) blanketed with a pound of cheese, about a pound of bacon, and a whole red bell pepper. We were forced to stuff the crust with bacon only out of necessity, as we didn't want to waste an already opened package. In the end, we had a 5-pound behemoth of a rectangular pizza that was finished within 30 minutes of extraction from the oven."

Thanks, Nicholas! I can't believe you stuffed the crust with bacon. Have you also submitted this to TIWYF? ;)


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