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Pizza Girl: Statistical Analysis of a Delivery Shift, Part 2


Another important use of pizza: learning fractions and percentages. [Photograph: Pizza Girl]

How much time do I really spend driving during any given shift?
How much time do I spend folding boxes?

Last week I posed these questions as well as gave an introduction on my method for finding out the answers (recording my every movement through a few shifts). The raw data can be found here and below is the breakdown of the shifts.

Shift 1:

This shift was a short one (a Friday night) at only 1 hour 44 minutes. I took 4 deliveries (in two runs) before getting sent home early. The downtime was probably why I ended up folding boxes and milling about (the "other" category of unaccounted-for minutes) for 38 minutes or 36% of my shift.

Shift 2:

My second recorded shift was a normal, busy Saturday night shift of 3 hours 59 minutes. I took 9 deliveries in 5 runs. This shift is much more representative of what a busy shift should look like; I did a little bit of box-folding waiting for the rush to get going, during the rush I worked ovens between deliveries (when there are drivers in the store it is their responsibility to pull pizzas out of the ovens, slice the pizzas, and assemble the orders; when there are only one or two drivers in the store at a time ever driver ends up doing it between deliveries; but, when there are too many drivers and it's too early to either send drivers home or have them do heavy cleaning, the surplus drivers have to go fold boxes), and towards the end of the rush I did my assigned end-of-night cleaning task.

Shift 3

This was my longest shift of the three at 4 hours and 25 minutes (also a Saturday night). The reason for it going so late was that we had a late-starting and unusually prolonged rush. I took 12 deliveries in 7 runs. I started working on my end-of-night task about the time that the rush usually dies down and rush-drivers start getting sent home, but I ended up taking three more runs even after I'd finished cleaning.


There are a few interesting things I'd like to point out:

Next time I'll tackle the money side of things and try to answer the questions:

What is my average hourly rate per shift? On a delivery by delivery basis?
How much better is it to take a triple instead of a double delivery?
How much does a zero tip affect my effective hourly rate?
Do I make more or less on the new pay scheme (as opposed to my old flat $6.00 per hour rate)?

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