Vegan Pizza ... at Di Fara?


Something's missing here ... THE CHEESE! Say wha? Apparently, you CAN get vegan slices at Di Fara. [Photograph: EcoFriendlyNYC]

I've always thought the thing that really makes a Di Fara slice or pie so good was the trio of cheeses Dom DeMarco adds liberally to the pizza there. The notion of getting a vegan slice there sort of blows my mind. But that's just what EcoFriendlyNYC's Yvonne Wang did recently, ordering a slice sans cheese with mushrooms, onions, garlic, and peppers:

The painful part was the wait. It took almost an hour for me to just get my 1 slice of no cheese pizza. When it came out, Mr. Dom actually sprinkled cheese on it by accident (it's so routine for him to do so that he doesn't even think twice about it). His daughter was really apologetic and said she'd have him redo it if I wanted. I just stared at that slice of pizza, filled with oily goodness and peppered with parmesan cheese, thinking how good that would taste. I was extremely tempted to just tell his daughter to not bother and I would eat it, but I decided to stay true to veganism, and accepted her offer to make me another slice. When it finally came and I sat down to eat it, it truly was the perfect pizza. I didn't even miss the cheese. The crust was the perfect thickness and was crisped to perfection. There were plenty of veggies warmed to just the right temperature. And there was so much olive oil - I personally saw Dom Demarco just liberally POUR olive oil all over his pies. My vegan pizza was so good that I ordered a second slice

Di Fara Pizza

1424 Avenue J, Brooklyn NY 11230 (at East 15th Street; map)

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