[Photographs: DYJ]

DYJ sent in these highly appetizing photos of a pie baked in a conventional oven at maximum heat. Maybe next time we'll get lucky and he'll mail us a real pie! Here's what he had to say for My Pie Monday:


This is a pie I did a while back. The crust is Peter Reinhart's NYC dough. The sauce is his crushed tomato sauce recipe with San Marzano tomatoes. The toppings are my rendition of Fogo 2 Go's Alexa from the a May 12 Slice post. The pizza was cooked on a stone on the bottom rack in a 550°F electric oven set on convection roast for 7 minutes. I cook pizzas all the time for my friends, and this one has become everyone's new favorite. I'll probably use a heartier dough to stand up to the toppings next time.



Thanks for the awesome photos, DYJ! The pie looks great.


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