Awesome! Great email in the inbox today from dhorst. The Mgmt.


[Photograph: dhorst]

Dear Slice, Letters From Slice'rsAdam,
I loved Pizzablogger's photos of the Neapolitan basil and look forward to growing it next year. I thought the flavor profile seems quite similar to my spicy globe basil, but the size and sturdiness of the leaf is much smaller and more delicate. I've attached a photo with a quarter and dime for comparison in size, just for fun. And, hah, I figured out how to size it to 600 pixels wide.

Thanks for all the advice Slice readers.

Also, has anyone out there used lemon basil on pizza?

Dear dhorst,

Thanks for the photo. Fun to see the dollar bill scale and the quarter and dime scale. LOL. Congrats on sharpening the photo-editing skills. Glad the Slice'rs helped you out on that thread.

I wonder if Paulie Gee would consider using lemon basil if he hasn't already. The guy is a certified lemon-head.

And no need to thank me for the advice. I'm largely just a conduit for awesome ideas that come from the Slice community. Oh ... and we don't have "readers" on Slice! We have "Slice'rs" -- however awkward that construction may be. All the folks who share photos, tips, and ideas are so much more than just passive readers, and I'm really grateful to be able to facilitate the exchange that goes on here on a daily basis.

Hasta la pizza,


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