Pizzasnob's No-Knead Pizza

[Photographs: Pizzasnob]

And a return visit from Pizzasnob (aka Tim Kang), who submitted a My Pie Monday creation in May:

Yo Adam,
Pizzasnob again with another creation: summer pizza with zucchini, cherry tomatoes, and onions.

I used the Lahey no-knead dough as referenced in "How to Make No Knead Pizza Dough," but I used only plain-old store-brand AP flour and let it "rise" in the fridge for 43 hours. Honestly, didn't really rise in the fridge, so I let it rise in the oven warmed by the pilot light for three hours. The longer proofing time gave it fantastic flavor, considering I used "cheap" flour.

For the pizza sauce, after softening 3 sliced-up and salted garlic cloves in olive oil and dried rosemary, I simmered them with puréed canned tomatoes for roughly 20 minutes.

After I stretched out the dough, I laid the fior di latte on first since I prefer the uniform sauce/cheese mix that comes from that order. I also grated on Parmigiano-Reggiano Stravecchio (aged 2 to 3 years)—stravecchio's where it's at. It has a superior depth of flavor and packs a Mr. T–proportioned umami punch. I pity the fool who's never had a good stravecchio—git yourself down to Murray's for a sample, sucka! Olive oil, pizza sauce, thinly sliced onions, sliced cherry tomatoes, and zucchini topped it after to complete the damage. Once I cooked it, I garnished it with some basil leaves from our house basil plant.


How'd the crust turn out? Well, it had pros and cons. Pros: It blistered well and had decent hole structure, as you can see from the cornicione shot. The pizza's puff level lived in between a typical New York slice and the Neapolitan style.


Cons: I used too much dough, so the crust was a bit too thick for my taste, and as you can see from the upskirt, it bunched up when I laid it onto the skillet. I really need to get a pizza peel.


Last but not least: a shot of my broiler and cast iron skillet. I preheated the skillet under full blast for 45 minutes. The pizza cooked for 4 minutes. It probably would have cooked for less time if I didn't pull out the pan to turn it every minute.

Thanks for reading,

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