WFMU's Best Show Gems with Tom Scharpling from 6/14/2010

My friend Dave sent me this ridiculous radio podcast from The Best Show with Tom Scharpling on WFMU, an independent free form station broadcasting at 91.1 FM in New York, at 90.1 FM in the Hudson Valley, and online at

A dude calls the show from (the fake) Pizza Aficionado magazine. He dubs all pizza fans 'Zabras and awkwardly engages the host in a conversation about ridiculous pizza shenanigans. Oddly they mention the United States of Pizza series. Then talk about all this other weird stuff like pizza gang violence over crust preference, NJ pizza tours with Bruce Springsteen, the D.C. punk band Minor Threat and there are even some allusions to pizza porn among other things.

This podcast is utterly ridiculous, totally cheesy, and maybe even a tad insulting to true pizza aficionados. Ha! He totally spoofs Slice, Pizza Today and PMQ.

Perhaps Scharpling's audience would also like to hear Brooklyn's food-centric Heritage Radio Network housed in the in the boxcars at Roberta's or even PMQ's podcast series Pizza Radio.

What do you guys think? Is this podcast funny or fail in the eyes of real pizza lovers? Do you consider yourself a " 'Zabra"?


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