Bruce Hill at Zero Zero. [Photograph: SFoodie]

From an item on SF Weekly's SFoodie blog:

I'll probably do about 10 different varieties. Basically they fall into white and red pizzas. Some veggie. The seafood choices are pretty limited. Typically, seafood pizza is clam right now. We've done shrimp in the past. There's so many things you can put on pizza, so we really try to be disciplined. I think the most intelligent pizza chef is the most restrained. And we really try to have not too many things on a pizza, and hold back on the chicken and ranch dressing and stuff.

Hill also talks about "Calipolitan-style" pizza and the process of seasoning a wood-oven, which involves "sacrificial pizzas," LOL.

Zero Zero

826 Folsom Street, San Francisco CA 94107 (4th/5th streets; map)


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