From Serious Eats Talk: timotheos Makes DIY Portable Pizza Oven

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Timotheos got creative and made a portable pizza oven that sounds ripe for tailgating:

I started out searching craigslist and found a magic chef wall oven for free...I liked the idea since I was able to start with an oven..I gutted it and disassembled it then put it back together but repacking the insulation with kiln insulation..I put a inverted wok in the top to work as a dome and laid in a layer of fire-brick on the bottom where I placed a 10psi propane burner that is removable as are the firebricks..I used a corderite pizza insert for my cooking platform I then placed 2 kiln shelfs on top and put the whole unit on a 4-wheel dolley...anyway it works great and did not take more then a few hours to do and since it is portable and will bake a pie in 90 seconds it is something you could take on the road...Any comments anybody??

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