Alaa's Chopped Green Olive Pie and Egg Pie

[Photographs: wolf5659]

I love stories like this:

Hello there, this is my first submission.

I kind of fell in the track of making pizzas by coincidence, I was hungry one day and I got bored of eating out, so I thought of making a pizza at home just for fun. Ended up so good that now it is a weekly habit and people around me now actually crave it and call me to make them their own pizzas.

The pizza at left is my best so far. It was gone the moment it got out of the oven, made of basic stuff: mozzarella cheese, Parmesan, green chopped olives, lots and lots of oregano — and of course my secret mixture of herbs :P.

My pizzas are only for people who love crunchy pies.

I wouldn't call the pizza at right a pizza, or maybe it is ... LOL ... I don't know. It is made of the same pizza dough, topped with hamburger cheese "cheese slices," pepperoni, lots of eggs. I think it would be better if I call it an egg pie :D

LOL, wolf5659. Maybe the "Egg Pie" is one MPM I could tag as "Pizza But Not Pizza Week" after the fact. Cheers!


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