Hola, Slice'rs. Girl Slice and I are back from our honeymoon. I'm happy to at the helm of Slice again after two weeks away, but I have to say I could use another week to decompress and catch up with the pizza news that went on while I was away. Speaking of which, here is some crap you've probably seen already....

Dom DeMarco Jr. to Open Chain of Pizzeria

The Crowd

Dom DeMarco Jr. serves customers at Di Fara Pizza in Brooklyn. [Photograph: Adam Kuban]

I have to apologize to you in advance. Dom DeMarco Jr. tipped me to this news the day before I left to get hitched and I didn't have the time to whip this into an item for Slice. So you had to read this the New York Post instead. Basically, Dom Jr. has partnered with LaPour Partners to open a chain of pizzerias called Dom DeMarco's Pizzeria & Bar starting in Las Vegas with plans to expand within Nevada, then Texas, Arizona, and California.

The big question I had for Dom Jr. when I spoke to him was, "But ... has your dad ever passed on his pizza secrets to you?!?"

"Yeah, I know how to make the pizza there," Dom Jr. said. "I was taught by my uncles when I was 7 years old — before they went back to Italy. A lot of people don't realize that I make seven to ten pizza a day — usually during the break between lunch and dinner; the first few pies of dinner are the ones I make."

Dom Jr. plans do do food at the new chain; longtime Di Fara fans will remember that the Midwood pizzeria used to serve soups, pastas, and heroes before the pizza became THE THING.

"It used to be a place about the food," DeMarco Jr. told me, "Now it's people with cameras, getting my father to sign pizza boxes. It's lost a little of what it had back in the day. I hope to bring that back."

DeMarco Jr. will be using Wood Stone ovens in the new chain, which will serve both round and square pizzas.

Maffei Launches Dollar Slice Truck


You'll no longer have to trek to Maffei's brick-and-mortar joint for a slice of its celebrated grandma pie. [Photograph: Adam Kuban]

Midtown Lunch reports that longtime grandma-slice fave Maffei is coming out with a dollar slice truck. That report came on the 13th and it said the truck was launching in a couple of weeks. I haven't dug around enough yet to see if it's rolling yet....

Campo de'Fiori: Roman-Style Pizza in Park Slope

When it rains it pours. First Park Slope got grilled pizza in the form of Michael Ayoub's Fornino location in the tony Brooklyn nabe. Now it's got Roman style in the form of Campo de'Fiori. Says Fork in the Road:

Campo de' Fiori's pizzas are made into rectangles, cut into four square pieces. The crust is a bit thicker than we thought it would be (perhaps a half-inch thick), and very crisp on the outside, slightly softer on the inside. It tastes sweetly yeasty and just a bit salty.

Looks like I have my work cut out for me in the Slope. Campo de'Fiori: 187 Fifth Avenue, Brooklyn NY 11215 (near Berkeley Place/Sackett Street; map)

Olio Pizza e Più: VPN Pizza in Greenwich Village


Giulio Adriani pulls a Margherita pizza from the oven in this Time Out New York slideshow. [Photograph: Clotilde Testa/Time Out New York]

Time Out New York gets a look at the VPN-certified pizzas coming out of the oven at Olio Pizza e Più. Giulio Adriani is the pizzaman there, moving from Italy to NYC to ply his trade.

Hmm ... Jet lag is screwing with my mealtimes and I haven't had lunch yet ... this place is close enough to Slice/SE HQ via the train .... Olio Pizza e Più: 3 Greenwich Avenue, New York NY 10011 (near Christopher Street; map)

Pizza Helps Catch Serial Killer

Shortly before I got hitched this story broke. L.A. police detectives used discarded pizza to get a DNA match on the "Grim Sleeper" serial killer in Los Angeles:

The suspect in the killings had left DNA evidence at several of the crime scenes. The LAPD learned that a man in state prison showed a strong familial match. Detectives questioned the man, who was too young to have committed several of the older murders, and he led detectives to his father, Franklin, the source said. Los Angeles County Dist. Atty. Steve Cooley said detectives got a piece of discarded pizza with Franklin's DNA to make the link.

Weird, creepy stuff.


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