If you didn't tune into Slice last week, you might not know that I am on my honeymoon right now.... Actually, Future Adam is on his honeymoon. The guy writing this is Adam from the Past. I've been preparing Slice posts to automagically appear while that jerk Future Adam is out having fun.

Got that? Anyway, let me dispose of that tortured device. While I'm away, I've come up with a couple different "themed" weeks on Slice. Last week was NYC Pizza Week. This week has sort of a split-personality theme ...

Pizza But Not Pizza Week coupled with Fusion Pizza Week. A lot of the posts for the next 5 days will deal with things that are pizza in nature but maybe not exactly pizza. And some of the posts will be pizza with a twist.

Why a split week? Well, it's become clear around here that one man's pizza is another man's flatbread and vice versa. The lines are often blurry, and some of the stuff that will appear this week I didn't want to call "But Not Pizza" — some of it, I think, falls more into the "fusion" category.

Anyway, that's the gist of it.

Hasta la pizza!

A special note: Like I said last week, sometimes things can get a bit ... contentious ... around these parts. Whenever that happens, I try to step in and smooth things out among folks. I won't be back online until Sunday, so can y'all just get along during that time so I'm not worried about you while I'm honeymooning? I'll accept Your Best Behavior as a sort of wedding gift, and I'll thank you kindly in advance. ;)


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