Is this the first time we've seen this? I think so ...

I usually like to use a no-knead dough in my oven on a pizza stone, but since it's summer, and hot, I decided to try my stone out on the grill. We made the decision late so we made a basic dough with a two-hour rise. For the water portion, I split it 1/2 water, 1/2 beer (Rolling Rock, which worked well.) I know beer is cheating, but I wanted some taste on short notice.

The dough was a bit wet since it's so humid - or my measurements weren't great, but I did use a scale so it should have been correct. I used pureed, peeled Fairway Italian tomatoes for the sauce, sliced burrata, shredded aged mozzarella, and grana padano for the cheese, and roasted beets and parsnips for the toppings. The beets and parsnips look oddly like pepperoni and sausage. Both are rather sweet and were a great addition to the pie. I drizzled some olive oil on top of everything.

On my gas grill, I put a cast iron pan above the stone to, hopefully, radiate heat downward. The bottom cooked a little too fast, but the crust was still done enough. I threw some hickory chips in too for some authentic wood flavor. Maybe it helped a little.

Holy crap. A beet-topped pizza would be right up Girl Slice's alley. I'm sitting next to her now and will draw her attention to this pizza. More details on that! How the hell was it!?!


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