ESNY1077's Square, Focaccia-Dough, Italian Sausage Pizza

[Photograph: ESNY1077]

ESNY1077 is back with another focaccia-crust pizza. (He submitted another in early July). This one has one of my new favorite toppings — I'll let you guess which one from his description:

Made another square pizza this weekend using a focaccia dough with fresh mozzarella and drained canned tomatoes. This one with hot italian sausage, from Flying Pig Farms in the Union Square farmers' market and fresh jalapeños, also from the farmers' market.

Sliced the jalapenos paper-thin (sort of like Paulie using a razor to slice garlic in Goodfellas) so they got nice and charred in the oven.


After stretching in the sheet pan (18-by-13 inch), using copious amounts of olive oil, the dough proofed in the pan for a good two hours and took about 18 minutes to cook.

Final pizza was about 1 1/2 inches thick. Got a nice crust on the bottom but still not perfectly crisp, perhaps due to the pan? The leftovers got a great crisp bottom after reheating in the oven.

Might have to move on to a true blackened Sicilian pan, although the wifey may kill me if I get yet another pizza-related piece of equipment.

My wife, thankfully, has not yet said anything about my pizza implements. We're still in our honeymoon period, though. ;)

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