My Pie Monday: Farrarzano's Pizza Pie

New to MPM this week is Farrarzano, who says:

Hello, Slice,
I have been on a quest to create to create a great thin-crust pizza. We have lived in California for 10 years at this point, having come from Chicago. We have never found GREAT pizza here on the West Coast.

Being a bit of a foodie and all-around kitchen hacker I decided to forgo looking any more and set out on the journey to create the best pizza I could, with a quality and consistent taste, texture, and look. I have received much inspiration from fellow Slice'rs and a few other web and print resources. At our house every Friday night is Pizza Night. At this point I am about 25 pizzas into this recipe and technique and it is beginning to come out splendidly.

I proudly present ........ Farrarzano's Pizza Pie.


The pizza pictured is a simple 16-inch Sausage and Cheese, somewhat NY-style thin crust, with a somewhat Chicago tavern-style crunchy bone. Here's the dough recipe.


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