Welcome to the working week. To kick it off, a MPM from John Wozniak. The Mgmt.

John Wozniak's Sausage Pie

[Photographs: John Wozniak]

Attached are some pics of a sausage pie I made. It was pretty standard and simple, but very good (hand kneaded, cold risen dough). This is for those that wanted to see a sausage pie when I had submitted that mushroom pie a little while ago. Next version will be sausage and peppers.


I used fresh Oaxaca cheese (a favorite of mine and very similar to fresh mootz - it is made more or less the same way as fresh mootz, but is a mild jack cheese) and a sauce of Pomi strained Italian tomatoes and dried Italian herbs. The sausage was standard supermarket Italian sweet sausage that was crumbled and cooked separately, warmed at the last second and then placed on the pie.


One of the reasons (beyond some technical advantages it has over, wetter cheeses) I use the Oaxaca cheese (made in Queens, btw — we have such a wealth of awesome Latin food ingredients in NYC!) and other ingredients is because they are all available within a short walk from my apartment and I don't require going to a specialty grocer for anything (to pull of a solid pie with little fuss). This "lo-fi" approach is something I really pride myself on.

Thanks, John! As always, a great-looking pizza. And I dig the "lo-fi" approach. Sort of a twist on the whole "local" thing. Nice.


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