And here's kirkharrod, inspired by a classic NYC old-timer:

This pie was made with fresh Roma tomatoes from my garden, fresh mozz, and scissored fresh basil from my garden on top to finish. The crust is my approximation of the original Patsy's [The one in East Harlem —The Mgmt.], though not as thin unfortunately. I use the "heat a cast iron skillet on top of the stove and then bake the pizza under the broiler" method. The bottom gets a nice char that way.

By the way, I just got back from NYC, where I had four pizzas (in 5 days!) I went to Pizza Box, Motorino, original Patsy's, and Totonno's. Totonno's was by far my favorite, perfect in every way, except price. It was the most expensive at $19 for a cheese pie! My teenage son preferred Pizza Box. I must admit, it was a great reheat slice from a basic sliceria. Motorino was very good and reasonably priced at $12, which seems to be the going rate for cheese pies in NYC. Motorino had wonderful black blisters on the crust. Original Patsy's was great as usual, also $12. It had impossibly thin crust. Our group of 6 ordered and ate 7 pizzas! Totonno's was still my favorite. Simple, quality ingredients and just a couple of blocks from the beach. Two people working on each pizza! Got my pizza and ate it on Coney Island Beach. You folks up there really have the life...


Sweet! Nice-lookin' pie, kirkharrod. Also, GREAT pizza itinerary. All solid choices.

I'd say that Motorino's $12 is about going rate for Neapolitan-ish wood-fired-oven individual-size pies. The Totonno's pie, should in theory, feed two people; it's pretty big. It's more an American-style feeds-many pizza. Though the slices there can be so thin and light that a big eater could easily gobble more than half — or the whole thing.

Thanks for sharing. Hope there's more to come!


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