We're going to play a game called "See If You Can Follow Along with This Post." Here goes: Pizzablogger, in the comments on Slice, asked UnaVia to send these pictures to him for post-processing, and then Pizzablogger passed them along to me.

Says Pizzablogger:

Please find attached two pictures for MPM taken by Slice'r UnaVia. These are a couple of pictures from the pizzas mentioned in the Olio e Piu comments thread.

These snaps were taken with Unavia's iPhone and I color-corrected and cleaned them up.

Unavia had the following to say about the pizzas...



"Well, the mushroom pizza had four different kinds on it. Portobello, crimini, shiitake, and chanterelle. The white pizza was mozz, ricotta, Parmigiano-reggiano, and grana padano. The other (Filetti) is pretty self-explanatory."


UnaVia again:

"What to say: I don't really know, I guess I am trying to perfect something that is unperfectable...is that a word? I am trying to be as authentic as possible to true Pizza Napoletana but at the same time explore all possibilities."

And Pizzablogger again:

Adam, Unavia may be a good candidate for a My Pizza Oven article as well.

He's already been contacted, Pizzablogger!

Back to Pizzablogger:

Hope all is well in Sliceland and thanks to UnaVia for sending me some pics of his WFO pies! —PB

Yes, thanks, UnaVia! And thanks to you, PB, for facilitating this post.

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