[Photograph: Brooks "Pizzacommander" Jones]

On his pizza blog, Brooks "Pizzacommander" Jones writes about a really neat-looking mobile copper-clad pizza oven in Ovid, New York (about a half hour north of Ithaca, if that means anything to you).

I've been to Ithaca a number of times, and the people around there are nuts about local food. So it's not surprising that the couple who run the pizzeria (located on the Cayuga Ridge Estate Winery) try to cook with farm-fresh ingredients whenever possible. The Cream of Mushroom Soup pizza sounds especially intriguing:

This is a new one on me, but who doesn't love cream of mushroom soup? Why didn't anyone think of this sooner? Who cares, it exists now and Seth & MJ nailed it. It's a white pie with a créme fraiche base, Parmesan cheese, chanterelle mushrooms, and fresh garlic scapes and chives from the garden.

If you live in Ithaca or are visiting anytime soon, it looks like it might be worth a trip up to Ovid.

The Copper Oven, on the Cayuga Ridge Estate Winery

6800 Route 89, Ovid NY 14521
607-220-8794; slowfoodonthego.com


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