[Photograph: Raphael Brion]

Later this week, Pizza Hut will bring prices down in a bid to win back customers who have cut its pizza out of their budgets. From the New York Times:

Pizza Hut, part of Yum Brands, plans to introduce a campaign on Sunday for new everyday low prices on its mainstay menu items. Most medium pizzas will cost $8, most large pizzas will be priced at $10 and most so-called specialty pizzas — like the new behemoth Big Italy pie, which has 18 slices — will cost $12 each.

Oh, and the paper's advertising columnist, Stuart Elliott, gets a little catty here:

(Surprised to read a sentence in which "Pizza Hut" and "culinary" appear together?)


I think I'm going to have to go grab a Big Italy pizza. I wish Pizza Hut delivered in NYC. (That's me above, schlepping back Hut pies for a chain-pizza taste-test we did in 2008.)

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