Slice Poll: Do You Salt Your Pizza?

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OK. Two things this weekend inspired this poll. First, Friday night pizza dinner. At a location that will go undisclosed for now. Girl Slice and I were eating with an out-of-town guest. The salad and the pizza were phenomenal. I had just pinpointed one of the things that made the food so good when our visitor piped up: "You know what makes this pizza? The salt."

Yeah, it's not really news that salt brings out flavor. Folks realized that millennia ago, and Mark Kurlansky wrote a whole book about how the stuff changed the world. But the judicious use of a quick sprinkling of flaky, crunchy sea salt — it's one of the things that made Anthony Mangieri's Una Pizza Napoletana pizzas so good. Why aren't more people doing this?

Second, on Sunday, we taste-tested some pizza recipes that Kenji Lopez-Alt was developing for the upcoming Serious Eats book. Again — salt. In the crust and on top. It made all the difference.

Anyway, we've done a similar poll asking about seasonings, but this one is specifically about salt. Casual observation in slice joints across NYC (and in that seasonings poll) shows that people tend to ignore the salt shaker. What about you? Do you salt your pizza? »

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