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Slice Poll: How Do You Store Your Leftover Pizza?


[Photograph: ©iStockPhoto/cveltri]

A couple years ago, we were introduced to Ed Levine's questionable pizza practices, when he said:

And last night for dinner I had the last two slices of that sad pizza. And does anyone do this? I don't put the pizza in the fridge so it stays out. It heats faster, and it's not like it's gonna spoil.

I could never get away with that in my house, where Girl Slice goes so far as to put peanut butter in the fridge for fear bugs might come.

Anyway, I was thinking about this while writing the U.S. Pizza: Connecticut post and looking at a photo from Harry's, where they clumsily wrapped several slices of pizza, one on top of the other, in aluminum foil.

Not to belabor the intro here, let's cut to the poll: How do you store your leftover pizza? »

How do you store your leftover pizza?

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