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Long, long, longtime Slice'rs will remember Seltzerboy from the early days of this site. He was one of our founding editors and someone I learned a great deal about NYC pizza from. Anyway, he recently returned from a vacation to Quebec City and sends this intel on a pizza crêpe he encountered there:

This was the pizza crêpe we had at the tourist-trap restaurant next to Fairmont Le Château Frontenac, in Quebec City's Upper Town. Correction: The pizza crêpe that Seltzerlady had. My asparagus-and-white-sauce crêpe was bad enough, and I didn't need two bad crêpes in one meal. But in case you want a look-see for novelty's sake, the picture is attached. In a word: feh!


Oh, man. OK. Sure, throwing some pizza-related crap on something doesn't make it pizza, but that doesn't mean it can't be good. (See: pizza but not pizza.) I love crêpes, and I love pizza, so when Seltzerlady first told me about this on Tuesday night, I was like, Oh! But she was like, "What would you picture a pizza crêpe being?"

And I was like, "Crêpe batter, cooked until just firming up, then some tomato sauce spread thinly on, then some cheese, maybe some light filling, and then all folded up."

She was like, "No. It was just a crêpe folded up, with pizza stuff thrown on top."

Somehow that's just not as awesome as what my imagination had for me.

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