[Photographs: Alex W.]

The story behind this great-looking pizza is, ahem, pure gold:

Just wanted to share a quick picture from my pizza night last night.

I have been making pizzas for about a year now (started because of Slice!) and last night was my best batch yet. The above is a simple Margherita. The dough I use is from a sourdough starter that's been in my family since the Yukon Gold Rush. San Marzano tomatoes and buffalo mozzarella topped with basil from my herb village.


This was a basil and olive oil base topped with basil chicken, sautéed mushrooms and onions, and buffalo mozzarella. It was really tasty.

Everything was cooked in my oven on a pizza stone that I heated for about 1.5 hours. I place my stone about 6 inches below the broiler and turn the broiler on when I throw the pies in. The heat from the stone does a pretty good job of cooking the underside while the broiler gets the top. I don't have any upskirt shots, but the underside cooked well enough, though there wasn't enough char to my liking. The edges cooked great, as you can see.

All around, these were very tasty. The sourdough crust adds another layer of flavor to the pizza. I made 6 pizzas last night for a small group of friends and every last slice was eaten!

Thanks for Slice, and keep up the good work!

Alex W.


OK, not that it's a competition, but, damn, Alex, you win for killer starter story. You could start a pizzeria with that origin story alone. Not to mention how great those pies look. Thanks for the share!


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