"The magical healing properties of pizza are simply amazing."


[Photographs: dhorst]

Wow. Through adversity, pizza! Veteran MPM'r dhorst explains:

Interesting week around hereā€”and not in a good way. Our recent camping trip was cut abruptly short when the boys were horsing around and Jacob fell on his back into the campfire. He has second-degree burns, but is OK. Needless to say, Jacob is getting lots of TLC, and all of his favorite foods, including his Scalloped Potato Pizza: homemade sourdough brushed with bay leaf and garlic-infused butter and a drizzle of half and half, topped with a bit of Butterkase cheese, sliced new potatoes, diced ham, shaved red onion, and a bit of fresh thyme. Once out of the oven it got a bit of olive oil and some chives.


I needed a bit of TLC for my shot nerves and found some in gorgeous heirloom tomatoes, which ended up on my Heirloom Tomato, Gorgonzola, and Spinach pie. Yes, dmcavanagh, I got my greens in.

The magical healing properties of pizza are simply amazing. We're happy campers, even though we're not camping.

Good to hear Jacob is OK and getting TLC in the form of cheesy P. Thanks for sharing, dhorst, despite your hectic week. Chars! —AK


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