On Mondays, Slice publishes photos of pizzas made at home by members of the Slice community. We call this My Pie Monday. The Mgmt.


[Photograph: Jimmy/Eat It, Atlanta]

And here's a first-time submission from longtime Slice'r eatitatlanta). You may also know him as Jimmy of Eat It, Atlanta, where his Atlanta Pizza Days series is a must-read on the state of pizza in the city. Here's Jimmy:

I just started making pies using a real sourdough culture in the last few weeks (Italian varietal from sourdo.com). Took the culture out of the fridge and fed it for two days, then made my dough on Friday. I pretty much follow Varasano's recipe (living in Atlanta, I think his is the best). Cold rise for two days, then took it out of the fridge while I warmed up my stone to 550°F. Tried a method on I recently read on Slice — once I was ready to cook, I turned the oven on broil and slid the pizza in, though the dough was too sticky so the pie lost its pretty shape. It cooked for 3.5 minutes. It was topped with olive olive, cherry tomatoes, mozzarella, ricotta, basil, and homemade pancetta.

It was a promising pie; not perfect, but nice hint of sour flavor and decent texture in the crust. I need more heat. The toppings were stellar though.

I want to try the Little Black Egg — a friend here in Atlanta (curedmeats.blogspot.com) posted his LBE on a local food forum.

His pies look crazy good.


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