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A new name to add to the roster of MPM'rs: Eric S., who says:

Hey, Slice'rs,
I'm Eric from San Francisco. I couldn't make it to Tony Gemignani's new opening, so here's the pie I made (my first submission to MPM!).

The dough is Peter Reinhardt's New York style, but with the dough divided into two rather than three balls. (That lets me roll out the pie to 18 inches or so rather than just 14 inches.) I was only able to rise it 10 hours in the fridge, but it was still nice and yeasty. Baked for 8 minutes on a stone in a regular electric oven, pre-heated to 550°F.

And now a word on the toppings, which may confuse some people. Guanciale is a delicious Italian bacon, like pancetta, but cured with extra herbs and made from pork jowl. It's delightfully fatted (I rendered it down pretty thoroughly before topping the pie) and deliciously porky. The pineapple was from fresh (not the syrupy canned kind). The green chiles came with the sauce — I cooked some Trader Joe's diced tomatoes with green chiles with a little garlic. Cheese was what Lucca Ravioli company here in San Francisco sells as "pizza cheese" — I think it's a mozzarella-provolone blend.

Altogether the pizza was delicious — sweet, sour, salty, earthy, spicy all in one. I certainly won't be putting pineapple on pizza often, but this time was excellent! No upskirt on this one — my wife and had eaten it all by the time I remembered.

You guys keep your eyes on the pies!

—Eric S.

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