Video Reheat: Building a Better Pizza Box

You may have seen this video when it was on Slice last year, but it looks like it's making the rounds on the web again, so in the interest of staving off any more "Have you seen this?" emails, here you go.

The GreenBox is from Eco Inc., and its angle is that the top of the box tears along perforated lines into four serving plates while the bottom can fold into its own storage container with a small footprint. (Always handy, especially if someone else in your household — cough ... Girl Slice ... cough — doesn't feel the fridge should be the realm of half- or quarter-filled pizza boxes.)

And while we've noted in the past that recycling centers will reject grease-stained cardboard, at least you can feel better about yourself for having saved some water and detergent when using the built-in plates.

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