A Slice With: Chef Andrew Carmellini

Chefs love pizza too. So we're chatting up chefs from around the country to find out their favorites, their home-pizzamaking habits, and their most beloved childhood pizza memories. First up: Andrew Carmellini of New York's Locanda Verde (and writer of one of my favorite cookbooks, Urban Italian.)

What pizzas did you eat and love as a kid?

My dad made one with a polenta dough. Not sure where he came up with it but I always liked it. Pizza in south Cleveland was pretty bad.

What's the greatest pizza you've had in recent memory?

Jay Leno said something once that I thought was spot on: "Good pizza is great, but bad pizza is still pretty good."

Do you ever make pizza at home?

Why would I make pizza at home if I can get Motorino delivered in 30 minutes?

I hear ya. Which is your favorite Motorino pie?

The Margherita:


[Photograph: Robyn Lee]

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