[Photograph: SFoodie]

Nice! Friend of Slice Casey Crynes gets some love from SF Weekly's SFoodie blog for his Casey's Pizza pizza-vending operation:

When Casey's Pizza launched two months ago, owner Casey Crynes became the city's third outdoor pizza vendor, after PizzaHacker and Copper Top Ovens. Crynes sets up his modified 18-inch Weber on various stretches of Mission District sidewalk most Friday nights. Those modifications include a high-powered propane burner, a pizza stone, an assortment of fire bricks, and foil insulation. Crynes says his rigged pizza deck can reach 900 degrees Fahrenheit, though he likes to cook pies at a deck temperature more like 750 degrees, with an ambient heat of 800.

You may remember Casey from such Slice posts as Pizza Obsessives: Casey Crynes, San Francisco Pizza-Party Caterer ยป


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