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[Photographs: Adam Kuban]

Walk into Sandro's Pizza on Ditmars Boulevard and Crescent Street in Astoria, and you'll find a couple tables, a TV blaring — mostly for the workers' benefit — and a small counter with a couple slice pies ready to go. Deliverymen hustle in and out. It's the type of place more geared toward take-out and order-in.

A slice here is not going to change your life, but given some of the options immediately nearby, it is markedly better — especially if you don't feel like walking several blocks down to 31st Street.


The crust is thinner than most, is slightly more crisp than chewy on the "crisp-chewy" continuum, and has a good balance of sauce, crust, and cheese. The cheese itself is slightly greasy, a boon or a bane depending on your preference. I like a greasy slice every now and again, and Sandro's hit the spot when I sampled it recently. The sauce is classic New York slice sauce, herby but not overwhelmingly so.


There are certainly better slice options in the neighborhood (Rosario's is my favorite), but for a quick, convenient slice (maybe if you're doing laundry next door), you could do far worse.

Sandro's Pizza

24-17 Ditmars Boulevard, Astoria NY 11105 (at Crescent; map)

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